Our Services

Sales and Services Consultation Programs

Sales and sales management consultation to companies that provide products and services to healthcare, industries, institutions, municipal, and governmental facilities.

Preventive Maintenance services consultation

PowerCheck will provide a complete review of your Emergency Power Supply Systems maintenance, assuring compliance with NFPA standards and recommend qualified service providers.

Disaster Preparedness Planning

We will perform a detailed analysis of your Emergency Power Supply and Electrical Systems and provide comprehensive contingency plans for Disaster Preparedness.

EPSS Equipment Sourcing (Generators, ATS, UPS)

PowerCheck will assist customers source qualified providers to survey, source and supply generators, transfer switches, switchgear, and UPS equipment.

EPSS Monitoring Sourcing

Consultation and sourcing for “right sized” monitoring equipment based on system size, scope and facility documentation requirements.

NFPA compliance for EPSS

PowerCheck’s in-service programs can help train facility staff on proper weekly inspections, setting up checklists as well as “Care and Observation” techniques for EPSS.

Proper healthcare reporting procedures and documentation

Our in-service programs provide instruction on proper documentation for Joint Commission and healthcare accreditation organizations compliance.


PowerCheck can provide both equipment and safety training for your facility.

For more information email: mark@power-check.net 

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