Mission Statement

Mission Statement

PowerCheck applies a consultative approach to assist clients who provide products and services to healthcare, industrial, institutional, and municipal customers. Our Sales and Sales Management programs help our clients retain, build, and prosper their accounts bases.
PowerCheck also provides customers with oversight of emergency power supply systems (EPSS) while maintaining adherence to proper compliance procedures. By employing a non-bias methodology PowerCheck can recommend the necessary resources to be sure emergency power supply systems (EPSS) are properly maintained while reducing liability to AHJ (Authority Having Jurisdiction) and other accrediting organization regulations.

Value Statement

By provided “Best Practices” solutions to our clients’ individual sales goals and needs PowerCheck will assure growth in customer base while maintaining optimum service levels.
Our Emergency Power Oversight programs assure customers obtain resources and services necessary for a safe and well maintained workplace. By only looking after their best interests, PowerCheck can assist customers to stay within budget while providing them vendor accountability.

For more information email: mark@power-check.net 

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