About us

PowerCheck Sales and Services Consulting

POWERCheck provides sales consultation to companies that serve healthcare, industries, institutions, municipal, and governmental facilities. With the use of a consultative approach, honed by over 30 years’ experience, Mark Jacobus has developed a comprehensive sales and marketing process proven to achieve successful, sustainable, and profitable growth. We apply proven methodology that allows you to retain, build, and prosper your business in an ever challenging, and competitive marketplace.

For more info click on: https://power-check.net/consulting-for-services-providers/

PowerCheck “Emergency Power Supply Systems (EPSS) Oversight”

PowerCheck provides emergency power supply systems (EPSS) oversight as well as advising on the resources and services necessary to properly care for those needs. Its foundation, based on the knowledge of following proper maintenance and operational guidelines, was built to provide the highest level of service while increasing awareness of compliance standards.

Through a careful selection process, PowerCheck partners with only the most experienced and qualified service vendors in the industry to assure total customer satisfaction. PowerCheck has the unique ability to provide consultation on a full array of emergency power supply systems (EPSS) services from a single source.

The passion of PowerCheck is to help fulfill customers’ complete service needs while educating its customers and clients about proper maintenance and operational guidelines. Never wanting to let any customer or client become subject to liabilities regarding their emergency power supply systems, PowerCheck sees its mission to provide and share knowledge so that those incidents might be avoided.

Contact PowerCheck today to arrange for a free assessment and see how our emergency power supply system program can be of benefit to you and your facility.

For more information email: mark@power-check.net 

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