About the founder


PowerCheck was created to provide sales and sales management consultation for companies serving healthcare, commercial, industrial, and governmental customers.

Its founder Mark Jacobus has been in sales and sales management for 30 + years and brings the knowledge and expertise of a consultative approach to clients looking to grow their organizations.

Additionally, PowerCheck can provide customers advice of the resources and services needed for proper emergency power supply systems (EPSS) oversight.

Mark’s career started in the Specialty Chemicals Industry then progressed to Emergency Power Supply Systems (EPSS) when, in 2006, he joined the largest independent service provider in the Southeast USA as their Director of Sales. From there he went on to serve as Manager of Business Development with a major equipment and service provider in the Northeast USA. Since then Mark developed his reputation within various industries by providing the necessary direction and expertise for clients to grow their service offerings and helping solidify future growth.

Mark’s mission is to help his clients grow their sales and improve processes.

Contact PowerCheck to see how we can help you retain, build, and prosper your account base!

For more information email: mark@power-check.net 

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