Emergency Power Planning


Being in the Emergency Power business, POWERCheck is uniquely positioned to successfully design Disaster Preparedness and Contingency Plans for Emergency Power Supply Systems equipment, from generators and transfer switches/switchgear through to the UPS as well as electrical distribution.

POWERCheck has developed a Disaster Preparedness and Contingency Plan specifically for Emergency Power Supply Systems (EPSS) whether you have a back-up generator or not!

As was witnessed on the east coast during Hurricane Sandy as well as other major storms, many businesses and facilities were incapable of conducting business; due to the fact that their back up power systems were not properly maintained, ran out of fuel, or they did not have a back up generator in place.

POWERCheck’s “Disaster Preparedness and Contingency Plan for Emergency Power Supply Systems” helps our customers be prepared for extended outages AND for those who do not have an installed system, provide advice on alternative solutions and procedures to get temporary power hooked up safety, timely, and efficiently.

POWERCheck welcomes the opportunity to help “keep your business as usual” when you need it most and looks forward to servicing the community of businesses and facilities that keep our great country thriving.

For more information email: mark@power-check.net 

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