POWERCheck exhibits at the Meadowlands Regional Chamber of Commerce 2nd annual “Disaster Preparedness and Contingency Planning Forum”

MRCC DRCP event3

Event held July 17, 2013 at the Bergen Community College Tech Center.

The program was attended by over 200+ and centered solely around disaster preparedness. Various disaster preparedness experts ranging from Bergen County Police Department “Office of Emergency Management”, Office of Homeland Security and PSEG as well as a host of others shared pertinent information about Disaster Preparedness and Contingency Planning.

POWERCheck was honored to have the privilege of exhibiting at the event and looks forward to the opportunity to assist those who need Disaster Preparedness and Contingency Planning for Emergency Power Supply Systems.

Whether you have an emergency power system in place or not, POWERCheck can help you plan and be prepared for extended outages.

Contact us @ 855-962-7618 or email: mark@power-check.net to arrange for a complimentary survey of your facility and needs.

MRCC DRCP event2

MRCC DRCP event1

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